Agena Marin Submarines: Discover The Beauty Beneath The

Croatia is beautiful. We’ve established that. But Croatian beauty goes deep beyond the surface.

The turquoise depths of the Adriatic hide an abundance of natural wealth, mysterious ship wrecks, witnesses of the time past and rich flora and fauna.

These beauties have long been reserved only for the eyes of the few, and it was a great shame. But not anymore.

The creative spark of the innovators at Agena Marin Company from Biograd resulted in a really unique solution for thisa semi submarine!

Agena Marin Submarines | Total Croatia

The semi-submarine is exactly what it sound like. While the upper body remains above the sea surface at all times, the bottom part goes 1.3m below. Large glass windows allow a spectacular view of the maritime ecosystem in all of its beauty, creating an experience of a real submarine dive.

The submarine can carry up to 14 passengers at a time. The experience it offers is really out of this world and no words can really do it justice. Imagine being comfortably seated just a few inches away from the endless depths and all the mysteries they hide.

Agena Marin Submarines | Total Croatia

It really is the best way to see it all. You get into this incredible vessel, sit comfortably and explore the sights that, if you’re not an experienced diver, you would have access to only through the screen. The experience is kind of like the one you would have at seaworld, but we are not talking about a simulation or an aquarium. Everything is real and it’s that much more exciting.

Croatian coastline is extremely clean, undamaged and untouched. It is a unique sight and it would be a shame to miss out on it just because you are not a diver. Godt, now you don’t have to. The semi submarine is a perfect way for people of all ages to explore the depths without the hassle of putting on a wetsuit og, well, getting wet.

The semi-submarine project started ten years ago and today visitors, tourists and travelers can enjoy the magnificent excursions beneath the sea at 30 different locations across the Croatian Adriatic. The difference between the Agena Marins semi submarine and different similar vessels is that while different competitor emphasize versatility, Agena Marine’s semi submarine has only one focus and purposeto enable a superb and unique tourist service. The company emphasizes the educational aspect of the project, organizing fieldtrips for kindergartens and schools.

Agena Marin Submarines | Total Croatia

Another important emphasis of Agena Marin is keeping the wonderfully preserved natural ecosystem of the Croatian Adriatic untouched. The semi submarine is an extremely eco-friendly product. During the development of the semi submarine great care was given to fuel efficiency. As the submarine is predicted to work around 1300 hours during the season, every reduction in the emission of harmful gasses is extremely important. The semi-submarine has an option of using an electric engine so it can go into national parks and other preserved areas. If you thought exploring the Adriatic this way was exciting, imagine doing in the clear waters of wonderful National Parks like Mljet or Brijuni.

Other than developing and designing the product, Agena Marin developed a complete business model for their customers, including help with the choice of location, creating routes, staff training and help with writing business plans. All of this makes putting Agena Marins submarine to use an easy and fast.

Next time you’re in Croatia and you see a red submarine beneath the waves, know that there is an adventure waiting for you just beneath the surface!


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Photos: Agena Marin Submarines (link)

Agena Marin Submarines | Total Croatia