Sea Organ & Solhilsen: Modern Landmarks of Zadar

The beautiful city of Zadar is one of the fastest growing hot destinations in Croatia.

Increasing number of travellers each year contributes greatly to the development of high quality touristic offer. It is hard not to get carried away by the marvelous narrow stone streets of the old town or one of the most amazing sunsets in the world. The city has a very warm and welcoming character. Excellent geographical position allows the entire city the overview of the Zadar canal and the nearby islands. In the evening when the sun starts to die down, you can observe unique color spectrum on the horizon.

On the best, most perfect position to enjoy the mesmerizing dusk settled the two by far most striking landmarks of Zadar: Sea Organ and The Sun Salutation installation.

Sun salutation in Zadar | Total Croatia

Det fascinating blend of ancient and modernity truly comes to life in these two genius innovative architectural works of art.

The original idea was realized under the leadership of renowned Croatian architect Nikola Basic. Nikola, along with his assembled team poured all of his dedication, vision and immense creativity into making something that was never pulled off before. Sea Organ instrument and the Sun Salutation installation are one of a kind monuments in the whole wide world.

Since the 2005 when they were first presented to the public, they have absolutely become the most recognizable landmarks of Zadar.

The Sea Organ – Orchestra of Nature

Sea organ in Zadar | Total Croatia

Included in the top ten Croatian landmarks by Trip advisor Travellers Choice in 2015, this incredible creation keeps astounding each and every visitor.

Sea Organ is a unique architectural achievement, interesting and original fusion of architecture and music located in the west part of the Riva waterfront. Unlike ordinary organ that is driven by bellows or air pump, the sounds of the organ are created under the influence of sea, the waves and tides. This unique system creates the ultimate sea sound, where the instrumentthe organserves as a medium for listening the music of the blue depts.

The architectural team faced various challenges during the production. It was important to use corrosion free materials that will provide durability and quality. The area is formed on the west side of the cascade on few levels, in a distance of 75 meters. Each sequence has a built-in dock pipes of different diameters that produce different sounds under the moving sea.

Sea organ and Sun salutation sunset in Zadar | Total Croatia

This place quickly became the favorite spot of travellers as well as the locals who enjoy to come here, sit on the steps and enjoy the always-inspiring sea organ “music”. The setting is pretty romantic, that’s why Zadar made first place in our 15 most romantic places in Croatia list.

The sea organ is a result of a specific union of human ideas and skills with the forces of nature providing an irresistible place for relaxation, meditation, contemplation or just sharing time with that special person.

The Sun Salutation – sparkling innovation

Sun salutation sunset in Zadar | Total Croatia

Fascinating public light installation The Sun Salutation is located right next to The Sea Organ. It is a vast 22-meter diameter circle of solar panels paved into the ground.

It consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level with the stone-paved waterfront. Under the glass conduction plates there are photo-voltage solar modules that change light and color. Just as the sea organ communicates with sound the Sun salutation communicates with lights making a place truly magical during dark. Installation is completed with the whole solar system in proportional sizes places around the Sun.

The sun has a chrome ring around it with engraved names of Croatian saints along with the duration of sunlight on each holiday and various other writings.

Blessed with the most beautiful sunset in the world, unbelievable sea sounds and colorful ravishing lights this is the ultimate place to be in Zadar. This impressive sight is available each day of the year and is free for everyone to enjoy!

Pretty incredible, ret?

Sun salutation at night in Zadar | Total Croatia

It goes without saying that this is a spot where everyone gets relaxed, the kids jump around trying to “catch” the lights, group of friends lay down to enjoy their company, couples kiss inside the circle to mark the unforgettable moments of this unique experience.

If you plan on coming to Croatia, you should inevitably stop in Zadar to see it for your self.


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Forfatter: Nikolina Dukic

A special thank you to Zadar Tourist Board for providing us with the information and photographs necessary to create the article!

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