Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia

Almost no one can remain completely indifferent to the beautiful sunset. Sunset is a unique miracle of nature that we are able to honor every single night. kuitenkin, the location where we are can greatly contribute to the impression of the sunset. Iridescence and harmony of orange, red, yellow, blue and purple shades are breathtaking. No wonder that the sunsets somehow belong to lovers. In the distance, where the sun with its enfeebled power gently connects heaven and earth for the nights rest, arises a certain contagious peace and tranquility. If you are so lucky to share this exceptional experience with someone you particularly love, then it becomes really a moment worth remembering. Enjoy our selection of the most beautiful Croatian coast sunsets!

City of Umag

Sunset in Umag | Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia | Total Croatia

Incredible little town in northern Istria, close to the border of Italy, posses an unprecedented charisma. In Umag are some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Istria. Since Umag is located on the shore, you’ll never be too far from the beach. Some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Umag are the Laguna Stella Maris Beach, Katoro Beach, Aurora Beach and Kanegra Beach that are perfect places for an unforgettable sunset experience. If you enjoy photography, don’t let anything stop you capturing the moment in time.

City of Zadar

Sunset in Zadar | Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia | Total Croatia

If there is one place in Croatia you shouldn’t miss the sunset in, it is definitely the city of Zadar. Zadar is perhaps the most famous for its magnetic sunset on Riva waterfront. Upon his visit Alfred Hitchcock said: ”Zadarilla on maailman kaunein auringonlasku, kauniimpi kuin Key Westissä, Florida.” In tribute of this stunning natural phenomenon, Croatian architect created the Sun salutation – light installment at the end of Riva. This spot is the best spot to truly live the most extraordinary sunset you will ever be blessed to see. Seize those remarkable moments in your heart.

Island of Mljet

Sunset in Mljet | Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia | Total Croatia

One of the sunniest islands of Croatia with the most magnificent national park of the same name, Mljet is the impeccable place for your next breathtaking sunset. The sunset from the national park, because of its geographical position is sensational. Surrender to the dazzling feeling of nature’s most precious gifts at dusk. So called Odysseus’ island is the southernmost and easternmost of all the larger Croatian islands. The Church and Monastery of Saint Mary on the islet in the Big Lake (Veliko Jezero) towards the north-west end of the island are the most known landmark of Mljet. Sunsets on this island are the finest nature’s appreciation in all its magnitude. Make sure to soak it all in and treasure forever.

Kamenjak Hill

Sunset on Kamenjak | Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia | Total Croatia

The sunset above Lake Vrana on top of hill Kamenjak is regarded as the most beautiful sunset in Dalmatia. There is a viewpoint that consists of two interconnected traditionally decorated buildings, informational boards about the landscape and history and a bundle of benches ideal for reveling in the unique sundown. There is even a panoramic telescope that can give you a better glimpse of Kornati islands, Murter, Pirovac, Drage and Pakoštane. Once you become Kamenjak’s sunset spectator your mindset changes for the better. Your gratitude becomes larger. This is absolutely humbling scenery.

City of Makarska

Sunset in Makarska | Top 5 Most Beautiful Sunsets In Croatia | Total Croatia

Small city on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, noin 60 km southeast of Jakaa, treasures some of the most mesmerizing sunsets ever imaginable. Noted for its palm-fringed promenade, Makarska is an excellent place for unbearably romantic moments. As you may already know Makarska Riviera is best known for its pristine beaches gently embracing pure and transparent sea. Take a long walk along the seaside and try to savor those special memories you are making.

Who ever said best things in life are not things must have experienced one of those ravishing sunsets in Croatia. Sometimes in life all we need is a little miracle to get us through the day and even more often we forget to see those little miracles around us. Don’t miss out on your next Croatian sunset!