White River Rafting: Adventures on the Kupa River

If you need more adventure in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many adrenaline-pumping activities outdoor enthusiasts can endeavour in Croatia. Rock-climbing, zip-lining, bungee-jumping and skydiving in some of the most beautiful parts of Croatia barely scratch the surface of Croatia’s rich palette of activity-driven holidays.

When it comes to white water rafting, the sport has experienced a significant surge in popularity. Especially in Croatia, as this south-western European gem abounds in some of the world’s cleanest, richest and most exciting rivers.

Kupa river rafting | Kroatia yhteensä

We have already written about the jaw-dropping Cetina River and the exciting activities one can try in this watery wonderland. Tänään, however, we will explore the storybook region of Gorski kotar and its most mysterious beauty – the Kupa River.

One of Croatia’s most phrased riches

Gorski kotar is one of the greenest parts of Croatia – except in winter when the region turns into a snow-covered fairytale.

Between the undulating hills carpeted with lush woods in Risnjak National Park springs the source of the Kupa River. It is a spectacular sight and an interesting mystery. Namely, so far it has proven impossible to determine at which depth the source of Kupa lies!

Here’s a fun fact: Kupa is the longest river in Croatia that has its source in the country! For a part of its course the Kupa forms a natural border between Croatia and Slovenia, later flowing into the Sava.

It is a beauty during all its flow. The Kupa canyon is a particularly jaw-dropping sight with lush forests descending almost all the way to the river, decked wild coasts and breathtaking landscapes.

The Kupa carried significance even 2,000 years ago during the ancient Roman times. The evidence lied in Kupa 5 meters deep, preserved in the mud, in the form of a Roman riverboat. It was apparently used to transport items made of heavy stone.

Both an adventurous endeavour and a calming experience

The season for rafting on the Kupa begins in April and lasts until October. There’s no better time to visit than in April and May. That is when the water level is the highest and creates untamed rapidsand exciting waterfalls perfect for adrenaline-lovers.

In summer the water-level drops slightly, thus providing ideal conditions for calm, yet none less thrilling kayaking.

Kupa river kayaking | koko kroatia

The water adventure on the Kupa usually lasts välillä 2 ja 4 tuntia, depending whether you opt for rafting or kayaking.

Both amateurs and first timers can participate since the rafting adventure can be classified as easy to moderate. Itse asiassa, rafting or kayaking on the Kupa can be an enjoyable family-friendly activity!

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If you find yourself with additional energy to spare, you can always try fly-fishing, which is a very popular sport on the Kupa. Or you can appreciate the serene nature by going go cycling or walking.

It is hard to put into words the beauty of the Kupa and endless adventurous possibilities this green gem offers. Why not book a tour and see for yourself!


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