Dress for Success: Business Apparel in Croatia

Business apparel in Croatia is very up to date with the highest professional demands of modern world. Approach to business wear in Croatia is no different from the rest of Europe. Although Croatian companies rely on their employees for their outfit choices, business entities are starting to have specific guidelines and regulations written down. Those regulations apply no matter how high the temperature rises. During the summer and the unbearable heat Croatian businessmen and women are professionally attired.

Dress to impress

When it comes to doing business in Croatia, appearance is as important as it is anywhere else. It speaks loudly of your potential and affects the way you are precieved.

You only have one chance to leave the first impression so why not be the one of determination and success?

The combination of high-quality shirt and tie for men is even more significant than the selection of quality suit. Managers and businessmen often pay insufficient attention to the shirt – the collar needs to be two fingers wider than the neck girth. Short-sleeved shirts accompanied by a necktie should be avoided at any cause because they send a message of incompetence.

Appearance consisting of carefully selected items shows great dignity and respect to others in official meetings.

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Abundant values of the mighty cravat

Necktie or the cravat, the symbol of sophistication and culture, as you may already know, originates from Croatia. Besides business attire potency, it unveils true chivalric values; vertical lines symbolize human dignity, honor, honesty and fairness, while its knot ‘ties’ together freedom and responsibility.

Cravat is so much more than just a fashion accessory. It speaks loudly of the man wearing it, the right cravat that suits you undoubtedly tells your story and reveals the glimpses of unshakeable character.

Choosing the appropriate cravat can be difficult just as much as tying it 85 different possible ways. Adjusting the outfit to the cravat is essential. Putting on a tie adds triumph and vertical perpendicularity to the overall male figure. The precision and detailed construction of a cravat is what gives the comprehensive impression of success.

Business femininity

When it comes to women, vestment rules are to be obeyed too. The variety of outfits is a bit bigger but still needs to provide enough comfort to exude confidence and expertise. Clothing prints and make-up shouldn’t be too noticeable, big statement jewelry is not recommended either. Instead, a beautiful hand crafted scarf can provide much appreciated touch of feminine creativity and elegance along with a good quality refined bag.

For a self-conscious, well-nurtured woman who values luxury and poise, fashion statement can express her ambitions, passions and assertiveness through a uniquely manufactured pure silk scarf. Scarf can be binded in many different ways, presenting the personality of the woman wearing it.

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CROATA – the ultimate Croatian brand for business excellence

Just as the cravat became a synonym for Croatia, so did the wonderful Croatian brand CROATA become a synonym for the cravat and other high end business accessories. CROATA cravats are tied every day by many businessmen in Croatia and the world. Diplomats, statesmen, the world’s famous celebrities, even the American President Obama owns a CROATA 1 (One and Only) cravat, as does the Japanese emperor, and many other presidents and well-known people.

CROATA cravats, scarves and shawls are made from the finest silk, in exceptionally small series, with considerable attention paid to the hand crafting. Special care is paid to the design, offering a wide range of colors, patterns and motifs. CROATA cravats and scarves are unique in terms of their motifs chosen from the rich treasury of the Croatian and world cultural and natural heritage.


Outstanding CROATA stores with a sensational assortment can be found in Zagreb, Varazdin, Osijek, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Split.


Auteur: Nikolina Dukic

Photo Source: CROATA