Game, Set, Match: Umag Tennis Academy

A young athlete dreaming about climbing the ATP rankings? Or a seasoned amateur who wishes to spend their free time mastering those forehands, backhands and volleys?

Regardless of age and skill level, if you identify yourself as a tennis lover, wait until you read about Umag Tennis Academy.

Situated in the tourist resort Katoro, not far from the centre of Umag and in the vicinity of the seaside, Umag Tennis Academy is one of the most prestigious and modern tennis centres in Europe.

Superb infrastructure and amenities

Umag Tennis Academy | Total Croatia

This establishment is equipped with everything you need for staying in form and to fully relax when not playing. Here you can find a total of 26 tennis courts: 25 of them are clay courts, 1 hard court, 4 of them indoors and 8 are illuminated so you can play during the night as well.

In the main building called Tennis Centre House there’s a gym where you can prepare your body for the physical challenges of everyday tennis practices and matches. After a hard workout, you can hit the sauna or relax in one of several massage rooms. In the building you will also find a tennis equipment store, a restaurant and a bar.

The second building is the Academy House. The space there is normally used for lectures and analyses of the game’s aspects. It’s equipped with a TV and a Playstation, for those you like playing a virtual match or two here and there.

Also, it’s not all tennis. You can always head to the beaches and take up a number of other sports and activities, like beach volleyball, swimming and various water sports.

Big names to train with and inspire you

Umag Tennis Academy | Total Croatia

The great thing about the programmes offered here is that they’re led by skilled professionals and coaches under whose guidance you will definitely improve as a player.

You can choose from a great variety of programs and work on individual aspects and segments of your game. They’re also suitable for everyone, young and old, novice and expert, amateur and professional.

The coaching staff has worked with none other than Goran Ivanišević himself, the Croatian tennis great who won the famed Wimbledon tournament in 2001. He led a number of PRO Camps in 2014 with participants all over the world right here at Umag Tennis Academy.

Fans of the sport will also know that Umag is the location of the oldest tennis tournament in Croatia, ATP Croatia Open, which has been held for 26 years now and always attracts a lot of attention in the tennis world.

Visit the great Umag Tennis Academy and work on hitting those aces!


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Umag Tennis Academy | Totalt Kroatia


Regardless of age and skill level, if you identify yourself as a tennis lover, wait until you read about Umag Tennis Academy.