Hiking Mosor – The Ultimate Sea View

Tie your sneakers tight because you’re about to take the most amazing hike in Dalmatia!

The mighty mountain

Grand Mount Mosor, a part of the Southern Europe’s Dinaric Alps, will most certainly amaze you. It stands strong just behind the city of Split as a magnificent protector. It basically stretches along the sea between Split and adrenaline pioneer of DalmatiaOmis.

The highest peak named Veliki Kabal is 1,339 meters above sea level. Mosor is abundant in caves and pits that fascinate speleologist for decades. Along with them courageous free climbers are also big fans of Mosor.

Croatian Mountaineering Association “Mosor” was founded in late 1925 and since then has done a lot for the mountaineers. First marked trail was made two years after the formation of the Association.

In recent years, the marking squad had a lot of success. They renewed most of the markings on the trails at Mosor, marked a new track and set the signs and boxes and entry books with stamps on Mosor peaks.

Adventure packed holiday

Hiking on Mosor | Total Croatia

If you can’t imagine your vacation without a little bit of adventure, Split and Omis are probably the greatest destinations in Dalmatia for you!

Rafting and Zip line in Omis might not satisfy your inner outdoor beast, but Mosor definitely will.

Here’s the plan. You can go to Mosor with a group of people led by a guide, or you can embark it by yourself with some company. Some of the trails require only minimum levels of fitness and are suited for the whole family, while others require a little bit more knowledge.

Either way your journey is best started in Sitno gornje, a small village just 20 kilometers from Split. You can reach it by car or with the organized transportation. From there it’s just a quick hike to Umberto Girometta (868m) mountain hut. It is a beautiful oasis of crisp air, pure nature and fellow hikers and climbers.

There you can enjoy steaming tea infused with mountain herbs eller fazol – traditional bean stew known for its invigorating properties for the active mountaineers. From the hut you can take several easy walking routes or just enjoy the valley of peace and quiet.

Vickov Stup – Favorite peak

Although Mosor is not the highest mountain in Croatia, its attributes make it a favorite destination both for the locals and travelers.

Incredible view from Mosor is what makes it so memorable. At the foot of the mountain is the green valley and the second largest Croatian city of Split. From the peak Vickov stup (1325m) numerous islands like Brac, Solta, Hvar and Vis are on the palm of your hand.

This is why you should really bring your camera with you. Experiencing it live is of course so much better but still, you want your friend back home to drool over your vacation photos, Ikke sant? While there make sure to sign in the book and leave your mark on the top.

Sunset time lapse:

Generous plant life of Mosor is another feature worth mentioning. At the foothills there are Mediterranean cultures and evergreen vegetation (holly, mastic, broom, myrtle, juniper, sunflower). By the height of 1000m extends the belt of white elm with bay oak, ash, maple, cherry, and buckthorn.

What’s most striking about Mosor plant life is the unforgettable fragrance made of charming herbs like sage, immortelle and wormwood. Animal kingdom’s most prominent resident is the endemic Mosor lizard that lives on higher altitudes.

Get ready

Hiking on Mosor | Total Croatia

Don’t be intimidated if you are not a regular hiker or climber as Mosor has trails suited for your needs. Just hop in the comfy clothes, put on your hiking shoes and pack some water and snacks in your backpack.

If it’s sunny, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. Everything is more fun in presence of good company, so bring your squad with you and don’t forget to look for the noticeable marks on the road; red circles with a white filling so you wouldn’t get lost. Or just hire a guide that will join you on this adventure.

After you reach your desired peak and start strolling down, perhaps your return to the civilization won’t be as nearly as exciting as your hike up. Likevel, the nature has its mysterious ways of luring us in and supplying us with much needed fresh air and a new prospective.

You can go hiking throughout the whole year if the weather is nice, men June on Mosor is quite special.

During that period there is a film festival held on Mosor and an official mountaineers’ event “Days of Croatian mountaineers”. Both manifestations bring likeminded people for a fun day in the nature.

If you want to be a part of that, you know what to do.


Are you a hiker? Is your dream vacation an active vacation? Would you like to experience the view from mount Mosor? What’s stopping you?


Go off the beaten tracks and go hiking on Mosor, Dalmatia in Croatia!