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We bet you didn’t know that only 20 kilometers from the historical city of Šibenik lies a magical little town Skradin!

Carefully treasured by the surrounding hills, this hidden oasis often gets overlooked because of other popular destinations. Skradin has settled on the Krka River and it actually offers an incredibly convenient starting point providing easy and quick access to the nearby hotspots and attractions: National park Krka, National Park Paklenica, cities of Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Trogir are all within reach. Close to Skradin is Biograd, the host town of the largest Croatian Boat Show.

Ancient history of Scardona

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Skradin is one of the oldest Croatian towns proud of its 6,000 years of rich and turbulent historythat started in the time of the Illyrians.

The origins of the town’s name come from the Roman reign when the town was called Scardona. After the Roman reign the place was devastated and the Croats rebuilt it from scratch giving it the name it has today – Skradin. Its hydroelectric power plant was the first in Europe, innebygd 1895, at the same time as the famous power plant at Niagara Falls!

Today Skradin counts just around 600 inhabitants, establishing it as one of the smallest Croatian townswith a perky attitude. Skradin was granted the town status in 1997, even though the population is far less than usually required, historical importance and tradition prevailed.

Secluded marina in the deep bay

Sailing Skradin Total Croatia

Boaters simply adore Skradin and its marina, which is known as one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic.

The secluded marina with about 220 berths offers an attractive mooring for many sailors. In Skradin you can explore impressive historical sites such as The Church of Our Lady with the associated bell tower, the orthodox church of St. Spiridon and Bribirska Glavica – a fascinating 6,000 years old locality of ancient remains.

Bribirska glavica, situated 15 km away from the town, is an enticing site also referred to as the Croatian Troy.

Bribirska Glavica Croatian Troy Skradin Total Croatia

Swimming on Skradinski Buk waterfall

Landscapes of Skradin offer some of the most amazing sceneries of Croatia, bringing three wonderful sites on the palm of your hand; Skradinski Buk waterfall, Roški slap waterfall and the tiny Franciscan island of Visovac.

The island of Visovac is one of the most fascinating religious sites in Croatia. The neighboring scenery of the island’s monastery is breathtaking; wonderful flower garden and lusciously green trees with surrounding water make a very unique spiritual experience.

Skradinski buk waterfall Skradin Total Croatia

During the summer months, ferry lines are very frequent from Skradin to the Krka National Park and are a beautiful way of experiencing the luscious green surroundings. Skradin visitors enjoy refreshing swimming on the most popular beach located on the very spot where the river pours in to the sea.

Seductive charms of Skradin

Seductive charms of Skradin Total Croatia

World traveller often equals gastronomy enthusiast who wishes to savor the specialties of this region they are visiting. In Skradin many scrawled restaurants invite eager foodies to delve into the yet undiscovered flavors of local cuisine.

Konobas and taverns always try to ensure the best quality fresh produce including meat and fish delicacies on every plate. Restaurants boast picturesque and tasteful setting enriched with friendly and delightful atmosphere very dear to even some A-list celebrities.

Skradin is definitely a part of less touristy Croatia. It is a town where traditional Dalmatian a’capella singing and gastronomic pleasures fuse with abundant natural green surroundings providing a truly unique destination to visit.

If you enjoy exploring hidden gems, make sure to include Skradin on your wish list.


Have you heard of Skradin, the town hidden in the deep bay? Would you like to visit National Park Krka and explore the white waters?

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