Museum of Illusions: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

It’s time for you to change your perspective.

Zagreb has an incredibly versatile and rich cultural offer which has recently received its newest addition.

Museum of illusions is one of a kind place in this part of Europe that will make you rethink everything you thought you new. Expect to be confused, surprised and enlightened by holograms, endless rooms and didactic toys.

You won’t believe your eyes!

How the museum came to be

„We were trying to figure out what to offer to visitors coming to Zagreb. We realized that something both educational and fun could be just the thing we were looking for, so we decided to open a museum of illusions!“ said Roko Živković from the museum, whom we talked to.

Museum of Illusions Zagreb | Total Croatia

It is hard to believe that the journey from the initial idea to its realization took only 8 months to complete! Most of the exhibits were designed and created by young Croatian architect Juraj Kralj, without whom the museum couldn’t be possible, whilst the rest come from all over the world, such as USA, Anglia, Austria and Thailand.

The search for the perfect displays sometimes lasted for months, long days and nights, and took the founders all over the world.

What to expect

The museum has over 70 exponents and offers an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience. It is a place that will especially appeal to children.

Through attractive and entertaining illusions visitors can learn about perception, the human brain and science. It is a perfect opportunity to be able to better understand why the eyes see things that the brain doesn’t understand.

Museum of Illusions Zagreb | Total Croatia

The most popular exhibits include the ames room, anti-gravity room i the infinity room. Here’s why you’ll love them.

If you enter the ames room with your friend, one of you will look like a giant and the other one a dwarf! There’s a pretty neat trick to it, but don’t expect us to spill any secrets – you’ll have to visit the museum to figure it out for yourself!

Anti-gravity room is something kids particularly enjoy. One second you stand in a regular room, while the next it feels as if you are losing ground beneath your feet!

In the infinity room the mirrors create an optical illusion of infinite space, so be prepared for hundreds of your look-a-likes to surround you as you admire your reflections in the mirror.

The museum is very popular, so in order to avoid a slight rush we’d suggest you visit in the morning. An hour or two is more than enough to fully explore the museum’s secrets and illusions.

There is a gift shop at the museum where you can purchase all kinds of interesting memorabilia to remind you of your fun trip to Zagreb.

And once you put your eyes and brain to the test, why not give a treat to your heart at the Museum of Broken Relationships!


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It's time for you to change your perspective. Zagreb has an incredibly versatile and rich cultural offer which has recently received its newest addition.