Best Bungee Jumping Locations in Croatia

When we dare to try new things, extraordinary experiences can re-shape our lives.

Adrenaline catalysts such as bungee jump keep amazing excitement addicts. The novelty simply never wears off. Weather you have already tried it or you’re thinking about it we offer you some food for thought. In the middle of Croatia, central Dalmatia uncovers two most appealing bungee spots. You can easily reach both of these from Split.

Buckle up your safety belt and hop on to your next adventure with us.

Bungee Jumping Sibenik Bridge, Sibenik

First-ever Croatian Bungee Jumping Company was founded more than 15 years ago. A group of young, and at the time inexperienced, enthusiasts gathered in mutual search of excitement. It all started with their initial idea of setting up a bungee location on the Sibenik Bridge.

Today it is a well-known spot where braveness and madness coexist in the perfect ratio.

Bungee | Total Croatia

Great emphasis is put on safety. A highly professional team of bungee experts and bungee lovers will warmly welcome you “on the edge”. As the curious drivers passing by try to sneak a peek of your jump, you will definitely feel the rush running through your body before you take the leap. But don’t worry if you back off, you wouldn’t be the first. It takes a lot of courage to willingly jump off to the unknown.

But once you let go, the upside view of deep clear blue sea and the irresistible feeling of free falling will get you hooked. We promise!

Logotyp | Totalt Kroatien

Bungee jumping Maslenica Bridge, Zadar


About hundred kilometers North of Sibenik, on your way to Zagreb you can stop at another bungee jumping spot, the Maslenica Bridge.

This bungee spot is famous for its height. Courageous locals along with tourists from all over the world jump from the height of almost 60 meters. Stunning Maslenica Bridge, easily recognizable by its bright red color, offers a breathtaking view of the Novigrad bay. This is a favorite venue of bungee devotees and is also a great place to meet fellow jumpers that are looking for likeminded people

Having an outstanding experience of letting all your worries go simply can’t be compared to anything else. People who tried it have one word: “Amazing”.

Maslenica | Total Croatia

A competent crew, great bungee spot, an adrenaline rush and a refreshing water splash. What more could you ask for.

The perfect adventure allows you to taste the salt as you dip your head into the sea and dive into the very best bungee jump you ever tried. Book now.

Your trip to Croatia could not be complete without a dash of excitement. Croatia really has a lot to offer, if bungee is just a bit over the edge for you, you can go rafting or zip-lining and treat yourself with a portion of adrenaline that suits your preferences. If you do make the jump, make sure to share it with us on social media using hashtag #totalcroatia. You might not have wings, but you were sure meant to fly!


Författare: Nikolina Dukić

Fotokredit: (1), (2) Bungee Jumping Maslenički Most Zadar