Charms of Hvar: Peškafondo Squid Tournament

If you are one of those people who when they see calamari on the menu get really excited, you need to be in Hvar this November!

Peškafondo, a tournament in squid fishing is celebrating its fifth year in a row starting Friday November the 6th on the island of Hvar. A two day tournament gathers sport fishing enthusiasts and foodies from the entire area as well as curious locals and tourists that enjoy getting familiar with indigenous traditions.

Fishing traditions in Croatia have deep roots and squid fishing is known to require a certain set of skills.

Anybody with a passion for the seas can apply and join the tournament. The teams can consist of maximum 6 people on any kind of boat. Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment because it can be provided by the tournament.

On the first day the teams get together on Hvar Riva waterfront, where they will be assigned t-shirts and name a leader who will bring the catch for measuring after the fishing.

Sound of a trumpet will mark the beginning of a 5 hours tournament.  After, the teams get back their catch is carefully measured to see which team brought the most squid.

The concept of the second day is the same and includes a great celebration afterwards with live music and of course grilled squid and other seafood delicacies made in the traditional Dalmatian manner.

This tournament quickly became one of the favorite events of Hvar fall. Although all of the participants are usually very competitive, everyone values having fun more than bringing the largest amount of squid. Or at least they say so.

If you would like to spice up the Indian summer in Croatia make sure to take the baits and rods and try your luck at this exciting tournament. Even if you don’t impress everyone with your amazing skills we promise the food afterwards will definitely impress you.

You can submit your entry until this Wednesday!


Author: Nikolina Dukić

Photo Credits: Peškafondo Gariful 2015

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