Days of Diocletian in Split

This weekend Split celebrates probably its most notable resident ever- Roman Emperor Diocletian.

In the year 300 the retiring Roman Emperor decided to spend the autumn of his life on the idyllic Dalmatian coast. The city of Split formed in and around the remains of his wonderful palace. Today Diocletian and his UNESCO protected country home are the most emblematic symbols of Croatia’s second largest city.

Days of Diocletian are a traditional manifestation-street festival-costume party in honor of Split’s rich cultural heritage. The event is ceremonially opened by an actor portraying Diocletian himself. The festivities that follow include various plays, concerts, workshops and costumed parades through the city’s historic center.

The people of Split and their guests are encouraged to obey the dress code – togas and tunics resembling the ones worn in the Roman era.

This great big toga party starts today and runs through the weekend, so if you are in the area, stop by and join the celebration!