Jägerhorn Hotel: Intimate Oasis of Style, Service and Comfort

Jägerhorn is more than just a hotel. It is a way of travelling back in time to the 19th century Zagreb.

Among the versatile offer among accommodation in Zagreb, this chic boutique hotel will entirely transform the hotel experience you’re used to.

Located in the very heart of Croatia’s bustling capital city, a mere 3-minute walk from the main Jelačić Square, stands the oldest standing hotel in Zagreb. Jägerhorn successfully displays a blend of traditional identity and modern style, standing as homage to the city’s historic and cultural heritage.

Jagerhorn Hotel | Insgesamt Kroatien

Once upon a time

The story of Jägerhorn begins in 1827.

The hotel settled beneath the landmark Lotrščak Tower, in a hidden passage connecting Zagreb’s historic Upper Town and the city centre. Soon after its inception, the Hunter’s Horn became the meeting place of many prominent Croatian cultural and political figures, including ban Josip Jelačić – whom Zagreb’s central square was named after.

Touch of modernity

Im 2015 Jägerhorn was fully remodelled.

Great attention was paid to details and capturing the essence of the hotel’s time-warped quality. Enveloped in a unique blend of traditional elegance and contemporary design, Jägerhorn is simply irresistible.

The essence of the hotel’s rustic charm was captured by using Croatian bog oak and cast iron, synonymous with Zagreb’s Upper Town. The magnificent oak was excavated from the Sava River, which preserved it in its embrace for up to 8,000 Jahre!

Guests can opt between 18 spacious, uniquely shaped rooms.

Jagerhorn Hotel | Insgesamt Kroatien

The Single room is furnished with an oversized single bed and the Classic room has two single beds or a king size bed, whilst the Suite can serve as a home-away-from-home with spacious master bedroom, a living area and a lavish bathroom.

All the rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, ranging from LCD flat-screens to the hotel’s exclusive bath products. Naturally, a high-speed Wi-Fi is a must.

Coffee experience like no other

Jagerhorn Hotel | Insgesamt Kroatien

Between numerous stylish cafes jostling for space in Zagreb’s bustling centre, Jägerhorn’s café is a breath of fresh air with its hidden terrace. It offers an oasis of peace in the city overcome with everyday rush.

Tucked down in a courtyard off the busy street, es ist tailored both for curious travellers and stylish locals. Couple the experience with a glass of some of the finest Croatian wine Café Jägerhorn offers as a part of its versatile selection of beverages, and you’ll try the best Zagreb can offer.

Why choose Jägerhorn?

In addition to exceptional design and extraordinary old world comfort, the hotel’s greatest asset is its incredibly convenient location.

Zagreb’s most prominent attractions are literally minutes away, including the city’s striking cathedral, The quirky Museum of Broken Relationships and the Upper Town cloaked in old stories and forgotten legends.

If you read Jägerhorn’s reviews on Trip Advisor, you’ll notice how everyone’s raving about the hotels incredibly polite, cheerful and hospitable staff going out of their way to ensure their guests have a superb experience. So far they have been doing a marvellous job!

Last, but not least, is the hotel’s old charm and the grace of past times embedded in every inch of this historic gem.

Why chose Jägerhorn? Because of its sterling authenticity and outstanding service sprinkled with a dash of old-time elegance.


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Among the versatile offer among accommodation in Zagreb, this chic boutique hotel will entirely transform the hotel experience you’re used to.