Mljet Among Top 10 Islands In Europe

The Guardian has recently discovered something we have know for a while – gorgeous south Dalmatian island of Mljet is one of the top 10 most beautiful lesser-known islands in Europe!

Emphasizing Mljet’s exceptional local produce and wild beauty, Guardian also mentioned that Mljet, only a 90 minute ferry ride away from Dubrovnik, is the alleged place where the Greek hero Odysseus was held captive for seven years by the nymph Calypso.

Gorgeous untouched nature, fantastic cultural heritage and crystal-clear water is what Guardian appreciates the most about the island, as well as the traditional wines Dingac and Postup.

Some of the oher countries on the list include Norway, Germany, Ireland and Spain, with Greece being the only country with more than one lesser-known island on the list.


Have you visited Mljet? Tell us about your experiences!