Opatija – The Wondrous Escape

Beautiful city of Opatija settled only 14 kilometers from Rijeka, just below the mountain and Nature Park Ucka. The meeting point of the mountains and the sea is a wonderful destination throughout the whole year.

Pleasant climate is Opatija’s biggest forte along with the beautiful nature, parks, old Austrian villas, beaches and the famous seaside promenade Lungomare. Opatija has been attracting travellers from all parts of the worlds for more than 160 jaar and today is a leading Croatian tourist destination for congresses, seminars and conferences.

Numerous festivals, concerts and different cultural and sports events add a whole lot to the irresistible charm of the city. Opatija tends to leave a unique impression on all its visitors.

Maiden with the seagull

Maiden with the seagull Opatija | Total Croatia

The most prominent signature landmark of the city is the statue of a maiden with the seagull. A site often seen on postcards is located along the promenade by the beach.

The elegant statue was made by a Croatian artist and the identity of the girl was covered with a veil of secrecy for decades. As it turns out, it was the artist’s neighbor Jelena that posed for the statue!

Magnetic beauty of the statue that looks like it rises from the sea is most interesting in the sunset and at night when the sculpture is lit with reflectors. During the windy weather the waves break on the shore and flow over the rocks creating the impression of the nymph born from the foam. That’s why the statue is sometimes referred to as the Opatija’s nymph.

Villa Angiolina – The Croatian Museum of Tourism

Villa Angiolina Opatija | Total Croatia

Villa Angiolina is the most significant building that marked the beginning of the tourism in Opatija. It is surrounded with a park – the famous arboretum that is a powerful example of horticultural heritage park.

The building is symmetrical with a monumental staircase, overviewing the sea is the central part of the park with round flower arrangements. The interior of the ground floor is richly decorated with stuccoworks and neo Corinthian columns. It is painted with illusionistic paintings and adorned with curtains and mirrors.

Inside the splendid villa situated The Croatian Museum of Tourism. The museum tells the story of the history of Croatian tourism through different aspects. The exhibits present how tourism affects us today, how the cities evolved and how they matured as hosts.

Intimate encounter of different cultures creates something new each time it occurs. The museum explores new phenomenon with various projects, exhibitions, panel discussions, traveling exhibitions and workshops worth joining.

Lungomare – The ultimate romantic promenade

Lungomare Opatija | Total Croatia

Opatija proudly boasts with a 12 kilometers long promenade from Volosko to Lovran. Visitors often indulge in an incredible walk along the sea where they enjoy the picturesque rocky beaches and magnificent sunsets.

The promenade is also a recreational track for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy riding bikes and breathing the fresh salty air of Adriatic. Perhaps it is most suited for lovers as it has many romantic attributes, such as inviting secluded coves.

Part of the promenade goes through the engrossing horticultural monument – The Opatija Park.

The Milenij Hotels – Finest selection of top accommodation

The Milenij Hotels Opatija | Total Croatia

Hotel group Milenij offers only the most exceptional accommodation there is. Milenij gathers 6 luxury 4 en 5 star hotels together to provide the most amazing stay in Opatija and Kvarner.

The highest standards of hospitality, authentic Croatian cuisine, modern congress halls and friendly atmosphere are what truly sets apart Milenij hotels from competition. All of the hotels are on attractive locations and are ideal starting point for exploring everything Opatija has to offer; fine dining restaurant, wellness centers, bars, music events etc.

Plavi Podrum – extraordinary culinary experience

If nothing but excellence is acceptable when it comes to your plate, there is one place you need to savor.

Plavi Podrum, in the scenic Volosko cove, is known for its 100 years old tradition of serving only superb food and drinks. Rated among the 100 best restaurants in the world this award winner offers a wide choice of premium olive oils, various kinds of salt, and a variety of fresh home-made breads.

Dynamic menu adjusts to the season and includes high quality fresh produce blending tradition with modernity. The exquisite wine selection is carefully picked by the owner Daniela, a renowned Croatian sommelier.

Volosko cove Opatija | Total Croatia

The chocolate festival – sweet tooth paradise 4th 6th December 2015

The cherry on top of your Opatija visit could perhaps be the Chocolate festival held in December. Christmas atmosphere in Opatija is embellished with this tasty event.

Honestly, is there anything better than chocolate to evoke some of the sweetest memories?

The delicacies presented during 3 days of December will melt your taste buds with joy. Chocolate lovers head to the festival to delve in the cocoa galore. Join the festivity and relish in the chocolate bonbons, spreads, pralines, hot chocolate, chocolate fruit, cakes and much more.

Have you ever been to Opatija? Are a museumgoer? Do you enjoy long walks by the sea? Would you like to go to the Chocolate festival?

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