Kroatien i Guinness rekordbok

From the largest necktie to the longest appendix, Croatia broke some rather strange world records. In addition to living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world (though that yet needs to be confirmed by Guinness), Croatian people broke these 10 quirky records.

The fastest time to open 2,000 bottles

Croatian people love their beer, and so does Krunoslav Budiselic who in 2009 opened 2,000 beer bottles in only 28 min an 11 sec. Local brewery Zagrebacka Pivovara supplied all 2,000 bottles for the attempt, which was hosted at the Maraschino cafe bar.

The largest box of popcorn

Why not couple that bear with some popcorn? I 2011 Cineplexx created the largest box of popcorn in front of the Avenue Mall in Osijek with a volume of 52.59m³ (1857 ft³). During the first 30 minutes of the event, the box was filled with popcorn by foster children that had been invited to take part, while the rest of the box was filled by a team of Cineplexx employees. Now that’s a box of popcorn you won’t be able to finish before the movie starts!

The largest collection of stamps

Edo and Iva Rajh managed to collect 1,966 different WWF stamps featuring pandas, and for that it took them 4 years from 2008 till 2012.

The largest necktie

I 2003 the largest necktie was tied around the Roman Amphitheatre in Pula. It took five days for the Academia Cravatica Organisation to complete the 808m (2650 ft) long tie.

The tallest tennis player to play at Wimbledon

Ivo Karlovic was 2.08m tall when he played at the Wimbledon Championships in 2003. Karlovic also held the record of the fastest serve of a tennis ball of 251 km/h (156 mph), but was surpassed by Australian Samuel Groth in 2012.

The longest appendix

I 2006 the largest appendix measuring 26 cm (10.24 i) was removed from 72-year-old Safranco August during an autopsy.

The largest cup of cappuccino

Coffee culture is very strong in Croatia, so it comes as no surprise that the world’s largest cup of cappuccino was made in the country’s capital. Juluis Meinl Coffee Company sponsored the event in 2012 när 2012 litres of freshly made cappuccino was filled in a giant coffee cup at Zagreb’s main square.

Longest distance moonwalked in an hour

The same guy who opened 2,000 beer bottles in less than half an hour has one other passion. That same year Krunoslav Budisetic moonwalked 5.7km (3.54 miles) in one hour at Mladost Stadium in Zagreb. Apparently beer opening and moonwalking go well together.

The longest scoubidou/boondoggle

Children from primary school Vladimir Vidric in Kutina decided to get crafty in June 2013 and successfully broke the record with their scoubidou measuring 596 m (1,955 ft 4.52 i). Well done!

The longest theatrical run – same cast

The play ‘Exercises in Style’, performed by Pero Kvrgic and Lela Margitic and directed by Tomislav Radic, has continuously been running all the way from January 1970 to present. The play is currently played at the Planet Art Theatre in Zagreb.