What Still To See in Zagreb This Summer

Zagreb is the capital and by far the largest city in Croatia. There is no question that during the year, it is the fastest, busiest and loudest place in the country. As any other European capital, Zagreb offers everything in abundance.

However, in the summertime the city goes quiet. Suddenly, there is no more traffic. There are plenty of empty seats in the trams. There is no more chatter of students in the parks. The terraces of cafe’s in Tkalciceva street where the city gathers to enjoy its favorite vice, a mid- day cup of coffee, are hosts to only a couple of those who were unlucky enough not to be able to head down south.

Croatia’s fabulous coast is simply too appealing. But it would be wrong to underestimate Zagreb, even with half of its people missing.  Maybe a decade ago Zagreb was just a transitional point for tourists on their way to rocky beaches of Dalmatia and Istria, but today it is a serious tourist destination with loads to offer. We have already written about Zagreb’s subtle charms, and summer is a perfect time to experience all of this. In addition, here are a couple of events you can still catch in Zagreb this summer!

If you’re up for some French flavor, you are bound to catch one of 150 events of ”Rendez-vous”, a festival of French culture in Croatia. The festival, a product of collaboration of different ministries from France and Croatia runs until September and incorporates different art forms, from music, visual arts, dance to theater, circus, design and architecture. During the festival Zagreb’s Art Pavilion will host an exhibition from the famed sculptor Auguste Rodin. The exhibition, named”Rodin in Meštrović’s Zagreb’‘ will present some 90 works, including some of sculptor’s most emblematic works like the Thinker, the Kiss, The Gates of Hell and The Bronze Age.

Rodin Zagreb | Total Croatia

Rodin is not the only great artist whose work is exhibited in Zagreb this summer. Until the 16th of August, Zagreb Fair’s Chinese Pavilion hosts the exhibition ”Leonardo da Vinci- the genius and his inventions”. The exhibition shows the legendary artist’s drawings of inventions like the helicopter, precursor for the plane, bicycle, car, parachute glider and submarine among others.

Herman Bolle Zagreb | Total Croatia

Another major exhibition in Zagreb this summer, ” Herman Bolle the builder of the Croatian metropolis’’, is held in the Museum of Arts and Crafts. The exhibition is focused on the contributions the famed architect has left on the city’s visual identity.

Stross | Total Croatia

If all of this art and culture leaves you in the mood for some fun, head out to the romantic Strossmayer Promenade. Located in the Upper town, in the shade of chestnut trees, ”Strossmartre” is a perfect place to escape the city asphalt and enjoy a chilled glass of wine. During the summer months the Strossmarte hosts ‘‘Summer on Stross ” festival and becomes true heart of the city. The people of Zagreb, well the ones still in the city, gather every night to enjoy carefully selected music acts and great local wines in an idyllic environment.

If you’re in Croatia this August, be sure to stop by!



Photo credits: (1) Chrmoe, Flickr, (2) Ed Uthman, Flickr, (3) Izložba Herman Bolle, Facebook, (4) Lenny Urban, Flickr