Rafting On The Magnificent Cetina River

You might be one of those people who envision their ideal vacation as lying by the pool, hitting the buffet or chilling on the beach. But if that’s not quite your idea of a good time, you are not the only one. If you are always looking for more activity and adventure when you travel there are other options. More and more tourists visiting Croatia are in search of an activity packed holiday. Memories pumped with adrenaline tend to sink deeper and last longer if not forever. One of the most popular outdoor activities in central Dalmatia is rafting on Cetina. Excellent entertainment with a must see stunning scenery that is also family friendly – sounds just about right?

The extraordinary Cetina River

The Cetina River is Dalmatia’s finest example of unparalleled natural beauty. Incomparable landscape of striking Mount Mosor and the 101 kilometers long river meandering up until it flows into the Adriatic at the pirate town of Omis. It is the most water-rich river in all Dalmatia. The best way to explore the river area is to go rafting and experience the awe-inspiring sights unfold in front of you as you cruise down the whitewater and the river rapids.

Cetina cliffs | Total Croatia

Omišsmall town with a giant personality

Spectacular rafting experience is available only few kilometers away from the coast of medieval town of Omis. Due to the excellent location in the very core of central Dalmatia, halfway between the city of Split on the north and the city of Makarska on the south, Omis combines surprising natural contrasts of the sea, the river and the mountain into a perfect adventure destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. Apart from rafting, Omiš also offers excellent opportunities for free climbing. Over 40 marked climbing routes on 7 different climbing locations situated in the very heart of town are bound to satisfy even the most demanding and experienced climbers.

Cetina rafting | Total Croatia

Adrenaline loaded tour

Three to four hours long rafting trip takes you down the 12 kilometers long section of the Cetina course. Starting spot is in the tiny village of Penesici where outdoor lovers of all ages gather to share this magical experience. The route takes you through the unforgettable scenery of impressive cliffs, playful waterfalls and numerous rapids and ends at the excursion site of Radmanove Mlinice (the family Radman Mills) where you can ultimately rest enjoying the amazing natural ambience, fresh air and unique scenery.

Cetina rafters | Total Croatia


Kentona Rafting

Group transportation from Omis, or even Split is organized to take you to the meeting point in village Penesici. There you will be greeted by educated, experienced and dexterous guides who will assist you and your family/friends through the Cetina curves. The guides also provide you with necessary gear including the helmet, life jacket and the paddle. They grow deep awe and veneration to the unconquerable river and they will give their all to make you experience it the best possible way.

Once you are familiar with the rules and safety then you can enter the boat and go through the necessary basic techniques of rowing in a quiet part of the river. The available routes are rated between II and III on a difficulty scale ranging from I to VI. Incredibly professional staff at Kentona rafting emphasizes the importance of safety above all, but also believes in experiencing the purest imaginable natural beauty in its truest form. That’s why Kentona tour includes optional passing through the cave, jumping from the 10 meters high cliff and swimming down the rapids.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Bring your swimsuit
  • Wearing sports footwear or sandals you don’t mind getting wet is advisable (flip flops or slides are not recommended)
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of shoes/clothes to put on after rafting
  • Put on sunblock to protect your skin from the sun (cream or spray)
  • Leave your valuables at home (jewelry, watches or similar items)
  • Only water resistant cameras and cell phones are recommended
  • If you wear (sun) glasses, be sure to fasten them with a strap
  • Make sure to bring water, soft drinks and maybe even a snack with you


For all the additional information on the rafting trip and booking your next adventure please visit Rafting Cetina.


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Forfatter: Nikolina Dukić

Fotokreditt: (1) Queenstown rafting, Flickr, (2) Nikolaj Potanin, Flickr, (3) Kentona rafting