A-list Celebrities Who Fell In Love With Croatia

People of Croatia are laid back. There’s not a great chance that we would scream and go wild if we saw Ryan Gosling walking down the street. We just don’t care that much. It’s nice and all but we prefer enjoying our own coffee with the view instead of chasing Angelina Jolie’s kids.

There are three main reasons why celebrities love vacationing in Croatia:

  • Anonymity
  • Stunning scenery
  • Excellent gastronomy

Where ever you go scenery is breathtaking, especially on the islands. Staggering nature and diverse city architecture amazes everyone. There is a little hedonist hiding in every Croat and that vibe is very easy to pick up on. Who wouldn’t want to wine and dine like a king.

Croatia does not only have predispositions, it already is a quiet hidden celebrity oasis. Every year new actors, singers, politicians and sportsmen discover this oasis and all its perks; fabulous food, excellent wine and warm citizens. Croatia welcomes everybody, heck we even made Blue Ivy our honorary citizen, but more on that later.

Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host

Last summer adorned talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres visited Croatia with her lovely wife Portia de Rossi. Later on she shared a photo of extremely hot guy in her show, saying “Isn’t Croatia beautiful?” They cruised the coast on a yacht and were seen in Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar.

Game of thrones, the crew

Everybody already knows that Game of thrones was filmed in some of the most amazing Croatian locations. The crew was simply mesmerized by the beauty of Croatia.

“I thought shooting in Dubrovnik was wonderful, but shooting in Split is just as, if not even more wonderful. It’s incredible. Croatia always treats us so well and this time is no exception” said Emilia Clarke.

Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich

Both of these actors fell in love with Croatia on their first visit. But it did not stop just there. They both bought their own villas in Istria along with many other famous people who secured their own property in Croatia.

Tom Cruise

Tom fist visited Croatia in 2004 when he went to Dubrovnik and Mljet. It was a love at first sight. Everyone was very pleased when in 2012 he returned as he said he would. This time he was recovering from his divorce with Katie Holmes and chose Hvar as his go to destination. He was barely spotted on the main square sipping a drink as he blended so nicely in the picture. We expect to see him again.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

The queen B visited Croatia in 2009 with her then fresh husband Jay-Z. During the time spent cruising the beautiful Dalmatian islands Jay filmed his wife enjoying her time. Before plunging into the sea she said: “This is amazing. Look at this beautiful nature that God created, that I am about to jump into right now with my friend that I love and my husband…” The clip was then included in her documentary Life is but a dream.

It is highly speculated that Blue Ivy got her name after a blue tree Beyonce saw in Croatia. To honor that connection major or Hvar named Blue Ivy honorary citizen.

List of celebrities every year gets thicker and thicker. Don’t be surprised if on your next Croatian visit you bump into a Hollywood resident. Embrace the laid back atmosphere and enjoy your precious time like an A-lister.


Author: Nikolina Dukić

Photo Credit: Nonu | Photography, Flickr