Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia

Sometimes traveling can get a bit stressful. Numerous places and faces we meet enrich our souls but can also get in way of our inner serenity. Most popular tourist destinations are often crowded with enthusiastic travelers, explorers and well just people. Getting away can be tricky.

A true yogi knows how important balance is, and always finds at least a few meditative moments for himself.  Aside from numerous yoga retreats that are being held all over the coast during the summer months, outdoor yoga doesn’t have to be out of hand even in the jam-packed destinations like Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik. Most Croatian yoga studios will warmly welcome you and offer you a drop in class for an affordable price, but as hectic as a vacationing in the city can get perhaps there’s even a better solution.

We’ve spoken to dedicated Dalmatian yoga teachers and Tourist boards all over Dalmatia to help us carefully select spots where you can roll out your mat and breathe in the fresh sea prana. Charge your spiritual battery and move on to new adventures.

“Buza” Beach in Dubrovnik

Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia | Dubrovnik

City of Dubrovnik is probably the touristiest destination in all Croatia and has hordes of guests flooding its narrow streets daily. The beaches are also pretty full, but if you get up just a little early, before the heat you could be in for a treat.

The famous “Buza” beach is a tiny rocky beach just beneath the city walls. The name “Buza” means hole, because you literally need to go through a hole to get to this beloved beach. When you get to the cathedral of St. Mary you will see a guide mark leading you to “Buza”. In the afternoon you can find a lot of locals and daring tourists jumping into the sea and performing various stunts.

City walls walkway is just above the beach. The whole area is pretty crowded, but if you come in the morning you will find just enough space to roll out your mat and salute the Sun overlooking the magnificent sea view and the view of Lokrum, the nearby island.

Highest peak “Vidova gora” on the island of Brac

Vidova Gora | Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia

Most of the marvelous Brac beaches are cramped with swimmers. True holistic experience on this island is available on the highest peak of all Adriatic islands named Vidova gora.

Breathtaking view of surrounding islands and endless sky blue seas from the top will ground you before you know it. There is a guest house with a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, no breakfasts. You can get there from Bol by foot or car. It takes around 40 minutes to get there by car due to the old roads and hiking to the top will take you approximately 2 hours from Bol.

During a clear whether day, when there is not much wind, the view stretches tremendously far revealing the look at the Zlatni rat beach’s horn. Find a flat surface around and dive into a tree pose.

Peninsula “Sustipan” in the city of Split

Split | Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia

Before it was turned in to a city park, this place was first a monastery of St. Stephen and later the city cemetery. Today it is a favorite green area just a few steps from the city center.

The small peninsula location provides terrific view of the city front, the harbor and the marina on one hand and on the other the stunning view of the islands of Ciovo, Solta, Brac and Hvar. Rich green vegetation is most prominent for the agave trees rising from the massive stone walls uplifting the park. Locals are often seen picnicking in the spring, couples kissing on rare benches and groups of friends just laying around on the grass chilling.

Stepping on your mat on Sustipan can be very pleasant and memorable experience. Closing your eyes in lotus pose, smelling the pine trees, breathing in the fresh salty air transcends you to a higher state of mind. This spot is reachable during the whole day but the sunset time on Sustipan is probably the best time to do some yoga or meditation.

“Pokonji dol” bay on the island of Hvar

Hvar Island | Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia

Historic city of Hvar is perhaps best known for its numerous pure beaches and seductive nightlife. If you need a few moments to yourself escaping the masses can be challenging.

Only 2 kilometers from the city core there is an enchanting little bay Pokonji Dol. Although it has many visitors, on both sides of the bay you can go a bit further to find your calming spot on the plateau. Opposite of the bay there is a small island of the same name dearly called Lanterna (the lantern) by the locals because of its light house. The main beach in the middle of the bay has two cafés for an after yoga tea or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Paklinski Islands group of which Lanterna is an integral part spread, their beauty on the horizon. Curl up in Balasana for a comforting embrace or challenge yourself with a crow pose. Doing yoga in Pokonji dol will probably remain the most nourishing part of your holiday stay in Hvar.

“Pozdrav Suncu” (Sun salutation) light installment in the city of Zadar

Zadar Sun Salutation | Best Places To Do Yoga on Holiday In Dalmatia

While the name of this  prominent Zadar site did not come from the yogic teachings but themesmerizing, jaw dropping sunsets, it still remains the most attractive outdoor yoga spot in the city. This meeting point of sun and the sea generously combines a dazzling location and a fantastic landscape.

Fascinating sunsets, charming nearby bosket and trembling sounds of the Sea Organ are the perfect ingredients for a cosmic yoga experience. Sun salutation would be the most appropriate thing to do, right? Indulge your inner needs and balance out all the city noises, bus and ferry tickets, dragging your baggage in search of your apartment. Dose off in Savasana or just repeat your mantra a couple of times absorbing all of the juicy goodness of the Sun salutation location.



Author: Nikolina Dukić

Photo Credit: (1) Steven Sim, Flickr, (2) Joakim Olander, Flickr, (3) 7nexx, Flickr, (4) Lovro Rumiha, Flickr, (5) Mike, Flickr, (6) Ignacio Garcia, Flickr


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