Eresos and Skala Eresos (or Eressos)

Eresos and Skala Eresos (or Eressos)

Eresos (or Eressos) is located at the south-west side of Lesvos island at a distance of 90km from the capital Mytilene. A few kilometers from the village, you can visit the coastal village of Skala Eresos, a place much more visited than Eresos. (Skala is a very common name for greek villages and is consideredd as the seaside part of a village) It is one of the biggest tourist attraction of Lesvos. People come here for its beach, its night life but most of all for its lesbians. According to mythology, here was born the lyrican poetess Sappho. Sappho founded a school for young girls in the island, teaching them arts as music, dance etc. Her special relationship with her students, was later defined as lesbianism. Since Eresos is the birthplace of the founder of the lesbianism, thousands of lesbians visit the village every summer making Eresos the most popular resort for women in Europe. A lot of events take place this time of the year, while village is rather deserted during winter, as villagers from Skala to the village of Eresos

The village of Skala Eresos was built around the 10th century BC and became an important commercial center. Eresos was one of the most famous cities in antiquity, and some ruins of the city still remain. Eresos is also the hometown of Theophrastus (nowadays considered as the father of BotynY) and the philosopher Phanias, a scholar of Aristotle. In the 17th century AC, villagers transferred a few kilometers inland to avoid the pirates’ attacks and they create the village of Eresos

The sandy, crystal-clear water beach of Skala Eresos is one of the biggest of the island and lies about 3 km long. Twenty meters from the sea and parallel to it, there is a row of cafe, taverns and tourist shops. There are tens of hotels, rooms to let, bike and car rental services in the area. There is also a small harbor, only for fishing boats that provide the village with many kinds of seafood

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