The Secrets of Flirting in Croatia

Vacation is a time to let go and let loose. For many people, it also includes romantic escapades.

And why not.

Is there really a better way to spice up your holiday than a summer fling? Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts for flirting in Croatia


When it comes to flirting girls have it all.

Fluttering dresses, high hills, bouncy hair and a mascara, but the most important thing is definitely confidence. Confidence always beats everything to the punch. Girls are blessed with the slight advantage called the intuition. Reading body language always comes as a useful skill. Indulging in some harmless flirting while on holiday is desirable to complete the overall experience.

Weather you enjoy flirting for fun or flirting with intent there are a few things you should know about Croatian men.

First thing you will notice is that they are good looking, mostly tall and quite masculine. During the summer you can spot a local easily. He walks a bit slower than everybody because he knows where he’s going, he’s armed with killer shades that allow him to quietly observe the territory. As you are probably already aware guys move in packs, and Croatian packs are often loud and steamy, and let’s be honest summer time is their hunting season.

There is a dying breed of men that is notoriously known for breaking a lot of hearts during the summer. This kind of guy is called Galeb (seagull). It’s the kind of guy that almost every woman could fall for, especially a foreigner like you, because the local girls thicken their skin growing up in this area. Men don’t really like him as he is their greatest competition, so he doesn’t have a lot of male friends. After all females are his specialty.

Galeb | Total Croatia

His magnetic charm is completely irresistible so if you find yourself in the company of a handsome sweet talker that makes your knees weak and you don’t even know why, you might just be in the presence of a true Galeb.

This endemic species is probably the most exotic coastline resident you could bump into but is also dangerous for the heart. As they are so rare, no scientific studies have been made to explain why a girl falls in love so easily with him. His oiliness is short-lived and as soon as tomorrow he could be whispering to another girl’s ear. As his name implies he is somewhat of a bird.

Thankfully the rest of the Croatian guys are not as fatal. The majority of them are funny and their English might make them sound even funnier. So, even if you understand what he is trying to say, for the sake of fun times make him struggle just a bit more. If he is talking to you he must have seen something special.

Female tourist have a reputation for being more keen on adventure than the local girls who are often in long-term relationships but that makes them a primary target for other travelers and tourist. If you are surrounded with a large group of your fellow citizens, you are lowering the chances of a local approaching you.

Flirting in Croatia | Total Croatia

Enjoying in a closer friendship with the local fling can afford you some unforgettable memories. He knows all the hidden spots, local bars and viewpoints where he wants to take you. He is well mannered in most cases. He could be a rough diamond compared to what you are used to but he’s improving by the season, sharpening his smooth operator mode as he gets older.

Technology has touched every segment of our lives and so did the flirting. The world is ever changing and the way we interact with each other is constantly developing. Coquetry is becoming more and more virtual and the dating apps have finally reached Croatia. You will need to swipe a lot to find the locals profile, which will probably include only one photo and no Bio, but hey it’s a start. These apps can come handy to check out the cute Croats you would like to meet even before coming to Croatia. In future more people will join, and hell you might even find a Galeb or two on there.

There are cases of great love stories being started during the hot summer nights. Borders were crossed, letters were written. You never know where a connection can take you. Infatuation can blur senses, but that’s why we love it so much, isn’t it?


So, you are looking to have a summer fling on the Croatian coastline. Well, like in probably every country, guys get the shorter end of a stick in that regard. It’s a little tougher for us. But what kind of men would we be if we are not up for a challenge, right guys?

First, thing you should know about Croatian girls, if it isn’t clear already, is that they are extremely beautiful. Don’t let that intimidate you.

Croatia has a lot of sunny days, and laying around the beach is an everyday activity for almost everyone during the summer months. This means Croatian girls are both naturally tan and ready for beach season. They are also extremely fashion conscious and feminine. Almost every detail of their wardrobe and makeup is carefully selected, from jewelry to the color of nail polish. When they finally leave the bathroom for a night on the town, they are a picture of perfection. They may seem out of your league, but this is a case for the majority of Croatian women and girls. The competition is high and this works in your favor.

Flirting in Croatia | Total Croatia

Another thing you should know is that they are polite, well-mannered and traditional. Their traditional upbringing makes them a little reluctant to give in to romantic advances from strangers. Weather they are at the beach, in a club or just hoping around town, they usually come in groups and flirt mostly with guys they already know. So you will have your work cut for you.

So how do you approach them? Everybody knows that pre written flirting tips don’t work. Coming up to someone with a pickup line you’ve memorized is plain stupid. The best case scenario here is pity. Aggressive, grab-ass, macho techniques are also not a good idea, as they are insulting, don’t produce results and you may result in a ”chat” with the girls protective male friends. Flirting is something that should come naturally and not be forced. Maybe it would be more helpful to note some of the thing you shouldn’t do.

Don’t play the mysterious stranger card. Croatia has been a popular tourist spot for decades and people from all over the world have been coming to Croatia for just as long. Chances are that in a nightclub on the coastline, the ratio of Croats and visitors is 50-50.  Everyone is used to the presence of large numbers of foreigners. You won’t impress anyone just because you are a stranger.

Play it cool with the dancing. We know everybody loves a good dancer but you are not Patrick Swayze and this is not Dirty Dancing. Apart for avoiding looking like a jackass (which is highly likely when you combine alcohol and male dancing), dancing is also not very efficient. The goal here is to engage someone in conversation. That’s pretty hard to do on a dancefloor. The best convo you can have on a dancefloor is spitting ”WHATS YOUR NAME” in some poor girls ear, which will probably be followed with a polite wave and avoiding you the rest of the night.

Respect the girls you are approaching. Don’t be cocky or pretentions. Croatian girls are known to be funny and quick withed, so there’s a chance you will end up embarrassed with a snappy comeback. But if you are able to follow it with a funny (but not insulting) line of your own it will be much appreciated. Don’t push free drinks in her face. That won’t impress anyone. And there’s a good chance she will drink you under the table.

Persistence is the key. But that doesn’t mean you should pester someone relentlessly. Whether you are out in a club, at the beach or somewhere else, respect the girl’s space. The strength is in numbers my friend. If a girls rejects you, unless you’re hopelessly in love, move on to the next one. Croatian girls aren’t easy, are prone to long term relationships and don’t cheat. Rejection is something that will defiantly happen but don’t let that discourage you. Take it like a man, with a polite smile, and move on.


Authors: N.D. and J.M.

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