Family Farm Hažić: Apples and Wine – The Sweetest Escape

Luscious green meadows cover most of the irresistible Međimurje region.

The northernmost part of Croatia is known as a cycling wonderland and a place of peace and quiet. Beautiful sun-drenched landscapes full of fruits hide numerous rich authentic Croatian tastes.

Family farm Hažić is a small piece of that heaven that holds such colorful and delightful aromas of indigenous inland farm.

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Abundant natural resources blessed with hard work and dedication resulted in a successful family business that will mesmerize you on first sight. If you come to this lovely green nook, you will not want to leave. Entering a live fairytale leaves no one indifferent, plus you can stock your baskets with amazing products on your way.

But let’s start from the beginning…

Creativity at its best

Lovely couple, Biserka and Radenko both lost their jobs at the same time in 1993. They were concerned about their future and the future of their family.

Being unemployed at that moment was truly a blessing in disguise. The challenging situation sparked their creativity and the idea was born. An idea that today serves as a reminder that you should always follow your heart!

Their two daughters, who were very small at the time, contributed as much as they could. Valentina and Tatjana grew up along with this unique family farm. The decision to start an agriculture farm sounded almost too good to be true.

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Although it came naturally, being surrounded with nature, they struggled in the beginning. Immense passion and goal setting helped develop this family farm into the sweet escape it is today.

Fields of grapevine with plump ripe grapes and round bright red apples make it all worth it. They are the two main produce on the farm from which everything starts. From grapes they make wine and from apples they make various products such as their most prominent one – the apple chips.

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Family makes everything taste sweeter

Vineyards and orchards flooded with sunshine make a wonderful backdrop of a perfect trip in the natural setting.

When you arrive on the farm you will most likely be greeted by one of the daughters. All grown up now, Valentina and Tatjana are the greatest assets of the family team. Both highly educated in related fields they spend their energy in cultivating the farm and brainstorming new ideas of improvement.

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Smile on their face is simply infectious just as their award wining wine, so you will find yourself laughing in no time.

Imposing 90% of everything the Hažić family produces on their farm is sold on their doorstep – so to speak. People love taking a trip to Međimurje, stopping to say hi and see what’s new in their offer.

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Aside from their wine house where you can try some of their most famous labels, you can join numerous organized tastings of the local homemade delicacies of meat, cheese, bread drizzled in pumpkin seed oil and different apple pies.

Sounds delicious, right?

Great goals, great achievements

This family farm is proud of its numerous awards that speak loudly of the dedication and determination of the Hažić family in serving the whole community with their true passion. Unforgettable ambiance of the farm sticks with you long after you’re gone and without any excuse leaves the sweetest taste in your mouth.

Irresistible combination of apples and wine are appealing not only to your taste buds, but also to your eyes and the heart, as the heart is the source of all goodness and abundance of the Hažić family farm.

Choose from a variety of products in their shop and take the sweetness with you when you go.


Do you love visiting small family farms in Europe?

What are your favorite sorts of apples?

Is wine tasting your thing?

Would you agree family run businesses have the x factor?


Author: Nikolina Dukić

Photo credits: Hažić Family Farm

OPG Hažić | Total Croatia


Family farm Hažić is a small piece of that heaven that holds such colorful and delightful aromas of indigenous inland farm!